Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tangiers - Never Bring Your Pleasure (2004)

I can't explain my affinity for this album beyond that it is simply well done. It is rather standard "indie rock" stuff from Toronto, but from some reason while perhaps a dozen or some bands trying something similar made their way into and promptly out of my collection, this one stuck and I've come to embrace it. This is Tangiers second of three full length releases, and according to me by far the most superior. It is like this, my life cannot move on from the Strokes for one of my friends seems to be under the impression that playing them at a drunken party is grade A, number 1, gentlemanly conduct (I have no official comment on this, unofficially he needs to remove Casablanca from his trout). Therefore, naturally when I am reminded of Strokes-esque bands immediately summons Tangiers to my mind and I have a strong desire to hear the track "Spine To Necklace." However, the two songs that originally endeared me to the album still come up in my rotation now and again, "Walk Run Walk" and "Ro Ro Roland." The latter makes me think of the European story of Roland dying in the invasion of the Islamic armies in southeast France was whatever, to which it makes reference if I understand the lyrics at all. A romantic tale is always lovely to think of with music, even if it was medieval.

To be had here:
Tangiers - Never Bring Your Pleasure [160 kbps]

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