Friday, January 30, 2009

Hang On The Box - Di Di Di (2003)

Man, riot grrrl music is something I feel all of us want from time to time. To fill this void I'm sure you're experiencing I'm sharing with you Hang On The Box, all the way from China. Yes friends, a Chinese riot grrrl group, and the best part is that they are rather good at it. These ladies sound like they've done their share of listening to Bikini Kill and Misfits. To be completely honest, you'd have a hard time knowing they were Chinese at all if I didn't tell you or you belong in the know of Chinese popular music (of which I can say I'm not really). Point is, they're fun to hear and have amazing energy, do give it a whirl, comrades.

To be had here:
Hang On The Box - Di Di Di [128 kbps]

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  1. i love this band! i forgot about them until this feature.
    thanks a lot!