Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fred Thomas - Everything Is Pretty Entirely Fucked Up (2002)

I won't lie, I still like this album, but it is blasted depressing to hear. I suppose that is because Fred Thomas has skills. Of course this can be seen by his epic presence in Michigan music with his groups Saturday Looks Good To Me, Flashpapr, and Lovesick. This was his first solo release and it is most in line with Flashpapr in mood, mainly that it is sad(core), but does feel like SLGTM at moments. However, I feel it is better than Flashpapr, but perhaps that's just me. Extremely lo-fi in its recording, it feels like he made this shit after his cat got eaten by his recent estranged ex-girlfriend while he is being evicted, as the title might allude to. Take it for what it is, my friends, don't listen to this if your girl or boy just ran off leaving you a case of beer and/or a fifth of vodka though.

To be had here:
Fred Thomas - Everything Is Pretty Entirely Fucked Up [192 kbps]

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  1. Wow, can't wait to hear this. I purchased all his Sat. Looks Good to Me albums, and a Flashpapr record too, but I've never stumbled across this one before - a real rarity. Many thanks.