Saturday, January 24, 2009

Os Mutantes

For years I've maintained that I have no favorite band, and whichever band might be the nearest to that status fluxes far too often for it to be realistic. This is only partially true. Ever since I first heard a song by Os Mutantes (meaning 'the mutants') I have religiously listened to them everyday for years. Nevertheless, in a very typical American fashion, I haven't a damned clue what they are actually saying in most all of the songs. What I do know is it is the most amazing sounding music that I can imagine, and the Portuguese singing blends and enhances it to an astounding degree. I wake up to, drive my car whilst, and entertain everyone from my grandfather to girls I desire to become intimate with Os Mutantes. I am told by Brazilians, or those other persons in the know, that the music is very politically charged, and was very important in Brazilian culture, who has experience harsh military dictatorship in the past. However, when I heard it I see it as the fountainhead from which all the best American and Canadian indie pop for the last 3 decades have sprung. Just as it is nearly impossible to avoid influence of the Beatles or the Velvet Underground, Os Mutantes belongs in the legendarily foundational music catalogs world over. When first listening, and even after considerable time spent with it, the music is hard to imagine being produced in 1960s Brazil. A benefit of them being this old too is that their discography is already pretty large, if not huge, and widely available. Because of this I have never tired of them, always finding a new affection for a track I had previously paid little attention to. I am going to post all of their main albums, and a collection of singles and rarities, and I'll tell you which songs I've gotten stuck on recently thereupon, not just what are normally considered the hits. The last two albums (not to count the compilation) are different, they changed to a more progressive rock sound, and the last one only features a single original member in it, but is considered a laudable prog album nonetheless. I do apologize for not knowing more about what they are singing of, if you are Brazilian or know anyway do please share your feelings, and if there is a desire there is one album they made with some of their more popular songs in English, so you can get a translation there, but I forgot to upload it this time. I sure hope you've heard most of this before, but if not this is a huge must pilgrims.

To be had here:

Os Mutantes (1968) [160 kbps]
Current Obsessions: A Minha Menina, Senhor F, Tempo No Tempo

Mutantes (1969) [192 kbps]
Current Obsessions: Rita Lee, Mágica

Divina Comédia Ou Ando Meio Desligado (1970) [128 kbps]
Current Obsessions: Hey Boy, Ave Lucifer

Jardim Elétrico (1971) [128 kbps]
Current Obsessions: Benvinda, Lady, Lady

E Seus Cometas no País do Baurets (1972) [192 kbps]
Current Obsessions: Vida de Cachorro, Cantor de Mambo, Rua Augusta

"A" e o "Z" (1973) [128 kbps]

Current Obsessions: A E O Z, Uma Pessoa Só (Here their sound become more progressive rock) TELL ME IF THE TRACKS ARE MESSED UP

Tudo foi feito pelo sol (1974) [160 kbps]
Current Obsessions: Pitágoras

Compactos e Raridades [192 VBR kbps]

Current Obsessions: Apocalipse, Balada Do Amigo

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  1. Hey bud

    Im brazilian. Mutantes kick ass and continue to create tendencies. Psicodelia from São Paulo, big influence of late Beatles. Flaviola And the Sun Mob (flaviola e o bando do sol) represents the psicodelia of Pernambuco, very different then the Paulista one or the one from Bahia(Veloso). Another good Pernambucan record is Marconi Notaro, from the 70s. And in the nineties another wave has been created with Chico Science. Go for it! Great blog! About the lyrics, best thing is google translator!