Monday, January 12, 2009

The Owl Archimedes

I am pretty sure this is not a band, rather just a fella in Ohio that knows and thing or two about crafting some instrumental ambient/experimental music. Also, feel good about getting these albums, they are free from wiseowl records, however for your convience I'm sharing them here again. Indeed I got them off of soulseek before I even found the links from wiseowl. To understand this artist's full range of talents it is necessary to get each of these releases, some are on the shorter side anyhow. Some are intense and quick, whilst some are slow and epic. One of my favorite things is a track ("Seeking The Axiom") that has a manipulated speech on civil rights delievered by JFK, very eerie.

To Be Had Here:

Please Put Me To Sleep (2006) [128 kbps]

Among Skeletons and Skyscrapers (A Story Is Told) (2007) [320 kbps] no album art released

Requiem For Solitude EP (2008) [128 kbps]

Children of the Shortwave (2008) [128 kbps]

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