Monday, January 26, 2009

Moondog - Moondog (1956)

Danger Dog and a friend from the slsk told me to get this fella, and when my stubbornly lazy ass folded to the pressure I was flabbergasted at when I heard. First, it would be prudent to explain the background of this very eccentric character, for thus is how he was introduced to me. He is a blinded Kansas-raised farm boy who moved to New York City where he began to craft phenomenal avant-garde music whilst dressed in the garb of a norseman. Known to be found on 52nd street and willing to pass his music along to any interested party, he became known as "the Viking of 52nd Street" and Moondog. Rather intense, I know. However! The best part is that he is a genuinely talented, self-taught composer of avant-garde musics. I think it is utterly mesmerizing to hear it, and bewildering to imagine it being recorded in 1956! Thank you comrades for pushing this treasure upon me, do enjoy it, pilgrims.

To be had here:
Moondog - Moondog [192 kbps]

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