Monday, October 13, 2008

Guitar Wolf - Jet Generation (1999)

Guitar Wolf is the thing of legends. Forged from other things of legend this isn't hard to imagine. Skinny, short and loud Japanese men with all the external trappings of the Ramones, which is a constant reference and underpinning of the act, shown in how each member takes on his instrument as a name and assumes 'Wolf' as a surname (Guitar Wolf, Bass Wolf, and Drum Wolf). The first time I ever heard of Guitar Wolf was on a negative review that basically dismissed the band as an attempt to make the loudest guitar playing they could and the reviewer thought it unnecessary and without merit. His objections were lost on me, but the idea of a Japanese fella blasting his guitar while screaming stuck with me and I knew I had to find some of their music immediately. As I was heavily into Detroit's garage rock, Guitar Wolf fit my listening preferences with a tailor made glove. With time my admiration, both genuine and whismical, have grown. Indeed, their cover of "Summertime Blues" has become a ritual for any car ride with my friends who also enjoy Guitar Wolf (a status only shared by Cap'n Jazz's cover of "Take On Me"). The way they prolifically produce album after album of noisy garage punk for two decades could be seen as myopic, but I'd rather believe it is unstoppable energy and passion for the sound.

Internet just re-established, should be posting more regularly once again.

To be had here:
Guitar Wolf - Jet Generation [160 kbps]

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