Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Collections Of Colonies Of Bees - Birds (2008)

An absolutely brilliant display of sonic barrages woven into four lengthy tracks. Difficult to imagine that this is a side-project of the post-rock group Pele, in particular Chris Rosenau and Jon Mueller. The instrumentals that they create are difficult to place into a genre, leading to it being called glitch, post-rock, and IDM simultaneously. They're definitely louder than what I'd think of as glitch like The Books, Giuseppe Ielasi, and Radicalfashion. Nevertheless, they're no drone band, but I'd say the balance is much of what makes their music so fantastic. I've frequently listened album while doing myself assignments for college, and it never fails to make them pass more quickly, or at very least more enjoyably. I'm already excited to see what they might make in the future. By the way, we've finally got the internet running here on both my computers, this should greatly ease our ability to post, perhaps there'll even be something from that old scoundrel danger dog.

To be had here:
Collections Of Colonies Of Bees - Birds [320 kbps]

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