Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Prima Donnas - Drug Sex & Discotheques (2001)

This bands name always makes me think of high school gym class where the teacher and many of the upperclassmen had a habit of denouncing everybody as "damned prima donnas." Not to wax on about the hours spent playing an indoor form of curling, but this music was released just prior to my enrollment in high school (I like to place a date on myself). I sure loved this sort of thing in back then, noisy punk with a dancey rhythm, and as I have been stonewalled from downloading anything fresh and the way my PC won't work for more than a few minutes you are getting shit I remember liking at one point. The music is one of first in a slew that burst into the indie world at the turn of the century along with bands like The Rapture, The Fever, The Fitness, and ending with the popularization of Franz Fredinand and the like. Musically, they are heavily influenced by the 80s love affair with keyboards, adopting the instrument to noteworthy effect. Lastly, their page at peekaboo records is full of fun hyperbole, but they are English snyth-punk musicians, so it is expected.

To be had here:
The Prima Donnas - Drug Sex & Discotheques [192 kbps]

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