Friday, November 22, 2013

Ty Segall – Gemini (2013)

Ty Segall can do very little wrong in our estimation. The guy puts out close to 346 records a year, and just about every track provides enough toe-tapping riffs to keep any garage head happy well into the wee, beer infused hours. His most recent full length, Sleeper, was an acoustic side-step from what I consider his greatest work: the fuzzed out Twins. “Would You Be My Love,” “The Hill,” and “Thank God for Sinners” was the height of his songwriting, and put every one of his detractors in their rightful place beneath his amplifier.

For those of you who could not get enough of this set of tracks, Drag City has copies of Gemeni available. The record is made up of demos and 4-track recordings used in the brainstorming process for Twins. Every kid slamming away riffs in their bedrooms will enjoy getting a look into the master’s creative process, and curse their lack of talent when they get a glimpse at these nuggets of sound.

I know the record is super limited and only sold at select independent record shops, so pick one up before it is too late.


  1. really appreciable demos, but I think "twins" is not the greatest segall album. What about "slaughterhouse"? it's fuzzed out and rough as well as his successor but it preserves a speedy, gothic, hysterical mood that "twins" turns into old-fashioned power-pop. I think that "twins" has its rude, amazing, stooges moments but it is even a step into mainstream

  2. I absolutely agree with the aforementioned opinion. Slaughterhouse is his masterpiece. At least so far, till his next one... Great to hear, what his first ideas sound like though. For me sleepers was like the first step of synthesis that after a lot of work and distortion could sound like his other work. I guess gemini will shed some light on that...

  3. please repost epsilons albums, thanx (nik, athens)

  4. please repost traditional fools live wizard mountain, thanx, nik, athens