Sunday, November 10, 2013

EP Grab Bag vol. 46

This is what I rustled up out of the submissions and have been listen to over the last week. So many damned EPs getting thrown up here lately, it is a real fuck cornucopia of songs. Thank us anytime, folks.

To be had here:

The Sea Life - Transitions (2013)

A new EP by the Washington, D.C. indie pop band the Sea Life. A follow up to the previously featured album In Basements it is a fine continuation of their dreamy sound. While I found the whole EP to be delightful, I am really a fan "NY Models" and it's cheerful keyboard. With luck this is a sign of another full-length on the way.

Volage - MADDIE EP (2013)

High grade psychedelic noise pop from France. This is a 10-inch vinyl record released by Howling Banana that only came out the first of this month. It is incredibly catchy music and more on the light-hearted side of the fuzzy music that I so often post. The EP is streamable but not free to download, yet I liked it enough to share it anyway and maybe they'll give us permission for a download link... (nudge nudge).

Back Pages - Broken In Again (2013)

A brief three song EP of garage rock from Florida. The title track is distorted and fast and reminds me of the recently posted Killer Ghost, the second strips down to an acoustic number that's pretty sweet, and ends with a quick punk tune that's got some neat guitar playing. Good early release and leaves me wanting more.

Darlington Pair - Vacation Tapes: Kitty Hawk 2013 Coda

A shift in tone from the fuzzed out music above. What we've got here is some ambient, atmospheric sort of experimental music. Heavy of the use of sounds they must've recorded outdoors of the ocean and whatnot a lesson in the power of subtlety as they very sparingly add electronic sound, light cords and soft horns. Remarkably soothing to listen to.

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