Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Glitter Wizard - Hunting Gatherers (2012)

Rock'n'roll without a little devil worshiping isn't worth having. Nothing says fun like Satan! Trust me, I know the guy. He can throw back beers with the best of them (Hemingway does drink him under the table, mind you). He has Skip James and Billie Holiday as his lounge acts on nights where people want to relax, and he said he would send every member of Creed right up to heaven if they were sent his way. He is that kind of considerate guy.

Glitter Wizard are on a mission: to teach kids the awesome fun that is Satan. This San Francisco glam group has put out a few releases, but their newest is by far my favorite. Lots of flute solos mixed right to the front of the track, and infectious riffs that make worshiping the dark lord all that much better. "Worship the Devil" and "Blood of the Serpent" are two tracks you need to listen to as you order a copy of the vinyl. Paying homage to Satan just got more fun (than it already was).

Get it here:
Glitter Wizard - Hunting Gatherers (2012)

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