Sunday, September 15, 2013

EP Grab Bag vol. 42

Dirty, to-the-point punk never goes out of style. There are kids playing a Dead Kennedys and Crass record for their first time today, and thankfully they can find groups out there keeping those timeless sounds vibrant and live. This group comes from the Bronx, and since OFF! Is celebrated on NPR, there is no reason smaller acts shouldn’t get some of that love and attention. The songs are fast, furious, and have the energy to kick even the most jaded middle-aged music critic into teenage riot mode.


This Connecticut shoegaze act was active some 15 years ago, but has recently gotten back together and decided to release some of their past catalog on cassette. I found the guitar parts limiting, but their minimalist approach and well-spaced vocals played well to the band’s strengths. I would like a copy of the cassette to really get the analog vibe in full effect, and if they happened to be in California, I would drop by to say hello.


This Brooklyn based composer puts together some nice, building, thematic pieces that fans of film scores would enjoy. Peaceful enough that my cats stopped fighting and went to sleep. Great success!


Time to get my synth pop on. I happen to get a lot of this type of music which must be the result of cheap and easy programs are now available for the general public, and thus more folks are putting together bedroom pop records that don’t sound like the 4 track records I made in the 80s. Compared to many of their peers, this Washington based group is rather strong. Great lyrics and a stout vocal delivery really set them apart. And it is freeeeeeeeeee.


I will end this morning’s listening session with some tunes that are right up my ally musically. Dirty, sloppy, and loud rock’n’roll made to piss off your neighbors as you throw back cheap beer and blast it from the back of your junky timeworn pickup. This would surely spin on any SapceRockMountain fan’s turntable if they had physical copies. So go download a copy, dub it to a tape, and tell your neighbors to go fuck themselves.

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