Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dusty Mush​/​The Future Primitives Split (2013)

What we've got here is a wonderful combination of tracks from two previously posted on and much beloved, my yours truly at very least, garage rock bands. A cross-continental (South Africa and France) effort I was happy to see taking place. God bless these borderless internets. As for the tunes themselves, it is a fine collection of intensely preformed lo-fi garage rock. Dusty Mush's music improves exponentially with every succeeding release. Each of the fuzzy ditties on this split have blazed their way into my memory so much that I've been taking unsanctioned breaks at work just to rehear them.  The Future Primitives do treat us to some surf with the brief "Instro"but delve rather sharply thereafter into fine garage punk. "Try On Something Tha's Really You" is exactly the sort anthem that'd like blast from the shoddy speakers my hoopty if I hadn't ditch it. Fantastically conceived of pair of bands and if you didn't heed my words when I've previously posted them this'll make a grand introduction.

To be had here:
Dusty Mush​/​The Future Primitives Split

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  1. Hey mate, here you get TFP last recording VO