Monday, March 18, 2013

Shiloh - Mrs. (2013)

I picked up Shiloh’s cassette after reading about it on another music blog, and I have been impressed by the quality of if after multiple listens this afternoon. This is jangly, loud, pop music for anyone that has a Pavement or Fountains of Wayne CD in their collection. Don’t lie; you know you have that one with Stacy’s Mom on it. With Shiloh, it is all about well executed pop jams that are weird enough to keep them off any radio station. They made cassette tapes for crying out loud, so you know they aint going for the Top of the Pops.

These kids are from the great city of Chicago and are playing a lot in those parts. They play fun music for people who think looking fun is uncool, and thus, stand relatively motionless as the band plays their songs to local bars. Correct me if I am wrong Shiloh fans!

Get it here:
Shiloh – “Mrs.” (2013)


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  2. yeah sometimes the audiences in chicago don't move... But the band does!