Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gregory Page - Shine, Shine, Shine (2013)

Not the normal SpaceRockMountain fare, but quality music that needs a larger audience. Gregory Page is a staple of the San Diego music scene and has been churning out what would have been standard pop music 60 years ago, but now sits in a small stable of acts that produce records from the Big Band days of Jazz. 

Gregory’s newest full length is titled Shine, Shine, Shine and finds him comfortably crooning over a hefty band capable of transporting your ears to a time when folks received food rations, married at 19, and owned transistor radios that hummed every summer evening. As I finish up work on my solo Elvis Dracula record, Gregory’s records have been played in concurrence with Chet Baker and Billie Holiday in recording sessions intended to situate myself in the musical world necessary to craft tunes from this era. 

Try and listen to the title track from Shine, Shine, Shine and not smile. Romanticism of the past is a fools errand, but there is nothing to Gregory’s music that is deserving of derision or scorn. 

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