Saturday, March 9, 2013

EP Grab Bag vol. 29

As always I know I haven't been on top of the submitted material, and I did just share a bunch of it with my buddy Elvis to see if we might get through it a bit more efficiently. I have been distracted by literature, and can you blame me? I work in a bookstore and I keep spending a sizable amount of my paycheck on novels I haven't time to read. So here's what I've heard so far and I do hope it is as enjoyable to you as it was for me.

To be had here:

Helical Scan - Helical Scan EP (2013)

From Grand Rapids, MI this is a dream pop/shoegaze band's first EP. A rather impressive effort for the first go-around. Distortion-laden and mildly chaotic sounds like a group getting its bearings yet holds considerable potential. Moreover the singer they've got provides stunningly lovely vocals.

Bill Times a Billion - Say It Nicer (2013)

A two-piece from Buffalo that makes some stripped down garage rock. This is an adorable eight track EP that features a combination of originals and covers. In particaular the covers are of Robert Pollard, Tommy James and the Shondells, and Sam Cooke. Despite the track count it is a short and sweet affair, being only roughly 14 minutes, each of which is worth a listen.

The Lucky - The Lucky EP (2013)

Here we've got a Kansas City-based garage rock band that does a fairly more pop style despite being heavier on the guitar and drums. Oddly enough the third female vocalist with remarkable talent to be featured in this Grab Bag. Not a free download via bandcamp (as always streamable) but I guess there might be some way to get it here, but I can't really endorse that site as I've no experience with it and I hold I strong distrust of most anything integrated with facebook.

Preludes - Berlin [EP] (2013)

A perennial feature for the Grab Bag, Preludes have returned with another of their prolifically produced EPs. This is perhaps the most subtle and ethereal of any of the EPs thus far reviewed on Spacerockmountain. This is no knock, quite the contrary I find the very slow build and the refined style Preludes as finely honed to be an excellent example of the most relaxing music I know of.

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  1. The Lucky EP is now available as a free download at