Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ecstatic Sunshine - Yesterday's Work (2009)

I thought the first release, Freckle Wars, by Ecstatic Sunshine to be rather agreeable when it came out. If I do recall correctly it got some rather large press, at least on the internet and such things. Well, pilgrims, this is their follow-up. As bitches on this blog before have expressed, I am a fan of bands trying to be a bit different because I dislike a release that is too similar to previous one. To my ear's considerable pleasure Yesterday's Work varies just enough to keep me interested without losing everything which made the group pleasing to begin with. The most evident of the changes is the use of percussion, which if you were a fan of the first album you'd remember it was naught but twin guitars. Additionally, electronic effects are utilized more liberally throughout the tracks in a subtle yet effective fashion. Overall, far better than I'd hoped for out a second album by this band.

To be had here:
Ecstatic Sunshine - Yesterday's Work [320 kbps]


  1. their living ep from 2007 is outstanding.

  2. Question: Can I recommend a band to you guys? Is there a place to do that? They're a band that doesn't exist anymore. Very lo-fi, mostly. Very garagey. Way more creative than Nirvana, way more talented. Though not quite the same style, so I guess that's an unfair comparison. I have all the songs from all their CDs, EPs. Their B-sides, their demos. I'd love to spread the word about them.

  3. You should just email me at Read what I posted about submissions on the bottom of the Original Surfaris post though please.