Friday, August 13, 2010

Club 8 - Saturday Night Engine (2003)

Now I know this EP is not new and is easily mock-able should that be your prerogative. Nonetheless, when I find myself listening to to similar music for days or weeks I need to step away from it, but in a calculated fashion. Saturday Night Engine is exciting and quick (for the most part), yet does is in no way like any of the rock I've been posting lately. It was actually a change of pace for the Swedish indie pop duo that made it when it came out years ago, with the title track sounding like a dance floor hit. Over time I've noticed the same thing about another song on the EP, "People Who Would Go for You." Basically, just like a drunken gadabout might stop in at church because the change of scenery is nice, I want to listen to Scandinavian indie pop tunes after binging on garage punk. Oh, and this band still exists and is coming out with music all the time.

To be had here:
Club 8 - Saturday Night Engine [192 kbps]


  1. thanks for this EP, great stuff. do you know their album “spring came, rain fell” from 2002?

    if you want it, I can re-up it, just leave me a note


  2. I am sure I have it. I do believe I have most their discography.