Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mess Folk

This is again garage punk and amongst the roughest shared on the blog. By "rough" I mean one of these is a demo tape which I think you might be able to buy directly from the artists stills. However, the other file here is the 7" that followed on Hozac records and is a higher quality recording of three of the tracks found on the tape. As for who these guys are, they are from Cape Breton, New Brunswick and read the founder describing their sound as "lower middle class white boy blues." Now I know this seems like a the sort of artist that would be submitting to a blog like this for support, but it was the other way around. I hunted these down after I was impressed by what I heard. By the way, I know some bands have sent me some stuff to listen to and decide on posting and I hope to get to that this weekend and if you saw the hassle of cords and programs I had to move music through you'd understand my sluggish nature on this front.

To be had here:
This is Mess Folk [2009] (128 kbps) demo tape

Something I Remember [2009] (256 VBR kbps) 7"


  1. Ugh, kinda bugs me that these guys describe themselves as "white boy blues." That term was used by all the blogs and magazines to describe Cold War Kids. And they're a great band, so I'm thinking these Mess Folk are going to sound like they're trying too hard. But I'll give 'em a listen.

  2. One Mess Folk set was them giving their instruments to the crowd and Philip Tarr "the singer" just kept saying "be me" I don't think they try very hard. It looked like a disaster and their recordings sound like complete shit punk. Philip always says the Mess Folk project is a big joke and that he hates rock music and hates his own music. Philip (mess folk singer) is more in love with making noise and his noise-core projects then "rock and roll or blues" so I think he was joking. I know him well and I'd say yeah he was joking. haha.

  3. I just found whatever on google searches. I am sure that anyone that makes this sort of music doesn't take genres or music itself too seriously.


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