Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sean McCann - Phylum Sigh (2009)

Oh boy, who knows what is gonna happen? Somebody at the record companies bidding is getting my posts taken down, not all of them, but some. Well, fuck that shit I am gonna just keep on and see what happens. This is another of those psychedelic, drone-noise albums that I enjoy oh so much. Sean McCann isn't that big if I judge his internet present as a good representation, but he is certainly a good musician as far as this genre as concerned. I am not gonna go on too long about it as I am on a very small vacaction to the northern regions of Michigan today and I have drank a bit too much. Hope you like it.

To be had here:
Sean McCann - Phylum Sigh [224 VBR kbps]


  1. This sounds so ambient, but it's so interesting. Thanks!, I liked it.

  2. thanks looking forward to hearing it. been a fan of your blog for awhile, care to trade blog roll with me?

  3. I can do that, edo. Sure glad you enjoy this blog, can't wait to check yours out.

  4. the follow up LP to phylum sigh is out now