Sunday, May 23, 2010

Heavy Trash

Caught my buddy John listening to these guys the other day and it reminded me how much I do enjoy Heavy Trash. This is one of the many outlets that Jon Spencer has made for his music across the years, but teamed up with Billy Vetra-Ray, who used to play with Madder Rose. In case you've never heard of Jon Spencer, it is the same Jon Spencer from the Blue Explosion and Pussy Galore before that. He's been making varieties of garage rock, punk, blues rock, rockabilly and noise for years. Heavy Trash is a definitely punk, but leans towards the blues/rockabilly end of Spencer's catalog. Even brushes up on some country sounds at times. However, what is like the majority of his work there is an element of sleaziness to some of the lyrics and an acute sweetness to others. Overall, highly enjoyable due to his energizing nature and talented guitar playing it isn't to be missed if you like any of the garage rock or punk I've posted in the past.

To be had here:

Heavy Trash (2005) [160 kbps]

Going Way Out With Heavy Trash (2007) [256 kbps]

Midnight Soul Serenade (2009) [256 kbps]

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  1. EXCELLENT! i don't have any of the Heavy Trash stuff.
    thanks much