Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Makers - Shout On! Hip-Notic (1997)

Nostalgia is a dangerous thing and I think I'm getting uncomfortably close with these garage rock albums I've been posting lately. One more won't hurt though. The Makers are one of the more prolific garage acts and have been at it for nearly two decades. This is a compilation from of many of their best songs as it stood circa 1997. A collection of a short, pulsating tracks with fuzzed out guitar and incoherent vocals might make it some like a million other things, but the whole thing stands out do to its nods to previous generations of garage rockers. Feels like a natural evolution from the earlier bands that populated the North American landscape in the 1960s but retains a degree of freshness despite this. Much better than that shit that would dominate the televised music industry just several years after its release. See what you think of them.

To be had here:
The Makers - Shout On! Hip-Notic [128 kbps]

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