Monday, May 10, 2010


Errors are a Scottish electronic band on the Rock Action label. I remember when their EP came out years ago and I really enjoyed it then. Gave it to some friends, meant to post it on here, even uploaded, but I forgot about them as they full-length I was hoping for was not forthcoming. Well, they finally made that follow-up so I am finally gonna follow through myself. In How Clean Is Your Acid House? the songs heavily featured electronically manipulated voices and have a certain flashiness to them. Then again this was when Ratatat was in very recent memory and that sort of thing was popular. Their first full-length release, It's Not Something, But It is Like Whatever, is something I originally missed, but went back to when the newest album came out. This album removes the vocal effects and singing which makes an improvement to the overall mood of the music. However, they seemingly took much more care in constructing the songs on the next album, as it seemed much slower and more deliberate. Come Down With Me has some parts like "The Erskine Bridge" that are more post-rock than anything else. However, others retain the catchy electronic beats of the previous effort, like "Jolomo" and "A Rumor In Africa" which are two of my favorite tracks from the album. Sure hope you like 'em.

To be had here:

How Clean Is Your Acid House? EP (2006) [160 VBR kbps]

It's Not Something, But It is Like Whatever (2008) [160 VBR kbps]

Come Down With Me (2010) [192 VBR kbps]

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