Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flössin - Lead Singer (2004)

I am still working my way through a chunk of new albums in the vetting process for posting so you're still gonna have to bear some not as fresh-off-the-presses releases I already know I like. Plus, just so you know I am leaving for my first-ever trip to the city of Montreal today, so there might not be anything until I return next week. I know Flössin was probably a big deal at some point, but I still run into too many people that are in the dark for me to be disenchanted in the utility of posting it. Lead Singer is an album born of collaboration by several established musicians. Electronic musician Christopher Willits worked with the wild drummer, Zach Hill of Hella, Nervous Cop, and solo (along with many other projects henceforth) and the esteemed Kid 606. How could someone not like that combination? They didn't disappoint me either. The album is a blend electronic, noise and post-rock influences that pleases the ear with the power of dissonance. I love this sort of think when I have a hangover, it really just soothes my mind.

To be had here:
Flössin - Lead Singer [192 kbps]


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  2. Hi, can you email me the link address to download? I tryed to click the link but Mediafire give me error. Thanks