Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ty Segall - Lemons (2009)

I said I'd share this once I got an adequate bit rate. That was done quickly and then I got behind in everything. So I am gonna keep this really brief for all I can think of is Israeli archaeology in politics and how beer might have provoke the domestication of cereals. Did I ever tell you that I have archaeology and that I wish I was studying anthropology in the UK or continental Europe where it isn't the same discipline? Anyway, fuck anything to do with digging and when enraged a good place to go is music. Ty Segall has become a staple in my rotation of albums, but I must say this album is considerably more restrained in some parts that the self-titled album I earlier shared. This is not to say it isn't as good though.

To be had here:
Ty Segall - Lemons [192 kbps]