Monday, March 1, 2010


Forgive the lack of posts. I think I am saying that more often than not, but posting while in school is sort of a fever pitch followed by silence. At least this is very much the case for me, as I find it hard to listen to new music while in the midst of writing papers, which is all I've been doing as of late. However, I have been listening to something familiar just to block out distractions. Entrance is one of the few musicians I liked enough that in my high school years I actually asked for the CDs after failing to find them online (times where different then and I was far less savvy). Those two releases are still my among my favorites, Honey Moan EP and Wandering Stranger. Entrance is basically Guy Blakeslee and those albums are largely covers or reinterpretations, whatever you'd like to call them, of blues songs. This is why I find them the prefect writing music as it is familiar yet fresh. The newer Prayer of Death departs from this departs from this formula to a degree but it still rather good. I expect this should not be a completely new artist to many, but like I said tow the line and I'll spout off some good new shit out soon. Also, I know he's got a band these days with an album out but I haven't listened to it yet, but I plan to.

To be had here:

The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm (2002) [192 kbps]

Honey Moan EP (2003) [160 bkps]

Wandering Stranger (2004) [160 kbps]

Prayer of Death (2006) [192 VBR kbps]

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