Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mayyors - Deads (2009)

This is my first post here so I guess I'll start out with one of my favorite records of the past year. Mayyors hail from Sacramento, California and besides this four song EP, have a couple of equally excellent seven inches as well. Their music is brutal, fast, noisy, and will make you feel as if the speakers you are listening to them on are about to blow out any minute regardless of whether it is in your car, on a stereo, or on a laptop. That being said, the car is the best place to crank this. Makes driving through rush hour traffic a bit more fun to say the least. One of my favorite aspects of this band besides the production, is the wild use of effects on the guitar. I've obsessively watched every live video I could find of them to see if I could figure out what sort of pedals their guitarist is using to no avail. Gotta love the cover art too, 'cause it's just mud. I guess the band personally smeared every copy with mud so each one is uniquely filthy. Recommended if you like it loud, angry, and unrelenting.

Check it out:
Mayyors - Deads (2009)


  1. Excellent post and glad to see you followed through and did so. I am looking forward to listening to this album.