Friday, March 19, 2010

Maserati - Passages (2009)

Somehow I missed this right away, but I haven't been on top of a bunch of shit lately. Hoping to fix that up sooner or later. However, I did post two of this band' previous albums on the blog a few years back, but this is the newest. The music on this sounds like the same band as the last album for sure, but parts seem more electronically focused, of course the opening track is an exception to this. Second half of the album is a remixes which normally aren't my favorite but this time it might be otherwise as I really like Justin Van Der Volgen's remix of the fantastic track "Inventions" from the previous release. The other two remixes are pretty good as well, likely Maserati's style of music lends itself well to the art of remixing. However, hope you like it and sorry I can't seem to post shit that is cutting edge.

To be had here:
Maserati - Passages [192 VBR kbps]

P.S. - There is a anther new poster on the blog, my pal Sean. He's got some great taste in music and is far more in touch with many scenes than I could pretend to be. Additionally, the man is a musician himself, another thing I won't ever be able to claim. Hopefully you'll like what he throws up on here and if you do you should say so. Maybe he'll be nice enough to share some of his own stuff at some point for I can attest that it is pretty awesome.

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