Sunday, March 28, 2010

Auto?Automatic?? - Live @ Crowbar 3/12/10

A time ago I posted Auto?Automatic?? and praised them as a good example of the math rock I enjoy. This remains the case, and to my surprise the band is appreciative of my passing out their album for the readers of this blog and sent me a live recording for everyone to listen to. Recorded at a bar in Tampa it is a remarkably clear set of excellent instrumental numbers. Now, I'm not a musician, but these guys sound like the really know what they're doing as they plow through these longish songs. I must say a big thank you to them for sharing it with me for I've been listening to it as I am stuck inside writing papers, and nothing because instrumental music for writing. So say thank you to Auto?Automatic?? and maybe go see them if they come by your town.
To be had here:
Auto?Automatic?? - Live @ Crowbar 3/12/10 [192 kbps]

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