Friday, September 18, 2009

Leafes - In The Mountain's Belly (2007)

I apologize for my long absence. The summer was treating me too well to stop by at the internet. Birds, bees, and my black cat were distracting me, as well as my new hobby of homebrewing (beer, meads and country wine). However, I've moved yet again (I do believe I've lost count) and I'm ready and willing to restart my proselytizing. No place better to begin than with my favorite driving EP of the summer, In The Mountain's Belly. My access to information about Leafes is limited. I understand that it is a Swedish act and the small label is giving this album out for free, so no need to feel guilty today comrades. What the music is I feel more capable in describing. Lo-fi. That is the pivotal descriptor. The entire thing sounds like, and likely is, a bedroom or basement recording. Nevertheless it is unimaginably charming. The second and third track alone will make getting this EP more than worth the trouble to download. They're fuzzy, layered and unsophisticated yet that suits how I've felt this season perfectly. It has thoroughly impressed all my friends thus far and I willing to bet you'll like it too.

To be had here:
Leafes - In The Mountain's Belly


  1. grest great record! I am a bastard son :)

  2. Great little EP, thanks!

  3. Though this ep can be found for free, the physical version is beautiful. The Seedland cassette is also fantastic and i hope they'll soon releas new stuff :)