Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mr. David Viner - Mr. David Viner (2003)

Now, I am sorry if I am messing this info up but I can't be bothered to confirm it all at the moment. Mr. David Viner is British and would play blues all the time for people. A Detroit garage band found him, and I can't recall which one at the moment. He came back to our lovely city and recorded with help from Detroit's adopted sons, the Soledad Brothers. This is his first album and I got it back when it was spankin' new. Merely that I still desire to here it from time to time is a testament to its value. It is strong it the tradition of folk and blues, going as far as to pay homage to the legendary John Fahey on a track. Overall it possesses a light-hearted feeling, although the first song "Nobody's Fault" is beautiful yet melancholy. So if bluesy folk is something you like here is a still active artist worth giving a whirl.

To be had here:
Mr. David Viner - Mr. David Viner

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