Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scientist - Heavyweight Dub Champion (1980)

Keeping my word, here is some of Scientist's earliest really self-done work. Heavyweight Dub Champion is lives up to its name fantastically. It is an epitome of what dub should be in my opinion, and I can listen to it for hours and hours without aid of any mind-altering substances whatsoever. The album is more dynamic that what was released on Dub In The Roots Tradition. The music reaches out and tries to grasp you rather than just letting you slide in. However, if you give in to it you'll surely find yourself lounging about to it. Not something I'd recommend for a long car drive, as that could turn out in a ditch sleepily confused. I'm not feeling driven to make a long post (likely influenced by the dub I've been listen to this morning). The album is great, make sure you download it.

To be had here (160 kbps):
Scientist - Heavyweight Dub Champion

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