Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Mummies - Never Been Caught (1992)

The Mummies are an absolutely fantastic example of what a garage rock group should be. These gentlemen understand and fully respect the various aspects that make garage rock a wonderful and exciting genre of modern music. First, and most obviously apparent is that their name The Mummies is more than just a word to refer to them, but they go to the extra length of dressing up as mummies for performances. Good garage rockers know that the live show is the best way for people to enjoy their music. Accordingly, additional effort put into the showmanship is a valuable asset. Next, garage rock is definitively lo-fi in nature, and hardly ever can be otherwise successfully. The Mummies recorded many songs in an unmodified basement; embracing the imperfect acoustics. Lastly, but perhaps most outstanding, is the complete rejection of digital technology in the creation and distribution of their art. The Mummies began to make music back in 1988 and refused to release anything on CDs until after the turn of the century, instead depending on vinyl. In fact, and motto of theirs was "Fuck CDs," which I wholeheartedly agree with. It is worth noting that despite their more recent relaxation of the anti-compact disc line, the albums aren't any higher in sound quality. Musically, the band makes rough and loud garage rock often accompanied by somewhat intelligible vocals and shouts. Unmistakely made for getting excited about, their garage could set a venue on fire. They pull much from surf rock and are nothing like what some music magazines will ineptly refer to a garage coming from Britian. A different sound that what I grew up accoustom to from Detroit, but certainly just as deserving of being called garage rock icons as the Gories.

To be had here (192 kbps):
The Mummies - Never Been Caught


  1. hello downloading this album, you have Radio Flyer Old Strings New Strings or beuty pill The Unsustainable Lifestyle, That I have looked everywhere for it and I do not hunt it out

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  2. I haven't got either of those, but I can look for them.

    Salut from Michigan.

  3. ok ;) you would thank you for him very much

  4. Greatest band ever, greatest album ever, period.