Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Athletic Automaton - 5 Days In Africa (2003)

Athletic Automaton is a two-piece group two men previously engaged in noise rocking exploits. Stephen Mattos formerly of Arab On Radar and Patrick Crump the erstwhile drummer of Pellum 123 formed Athletic Automaton in Providence, Rhode Island. The name has become more than just assonance; they wear sweatbands, gym trunks and jerseys not unlike those popular in 70s basketball during shows. 5 Days In Africa is an early EP (or really short LP, 21 minutes), with the names of the songs seemingly chornicling fictitious events on a voyage to the African continent. However, don't bother looking into the lyrics to see if creates a concept album, for there are no lyrics whatsoever. At times Mattos' guitar playing has an effect the almost sounds like a huge hive of bees buzzing, which could be the inspiration the song title "The Bee Roundup." The drumming holds a the rhythm throughout, even if it is meandering. The band does have other releases and as far as I know is still active, their latest release (their first full-length) came out in 2007. All from the excellent label Skin Graft. Additionally, they've worked in conjuction with other noise rock bands; a split with Made In Mexico and a split/combined effort with AIDS Wolf. For fans of noise they're well-worth getting.

To be had here (320 VBR kbps):
Athletic Automaton - 5 Days In Africa

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