Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Schlammpeitziger - Collected Simple Songs Of My Temporary Past (2001)

Apologize for the lack of frequency of new posts. I've been at a loss for time to make many post at all as of late. Family and work is demanding an ever increasing amount of my days; don't these people understand I need to use the tubes? With this small opening I've managed grasp I thought I'd share the album that inspired the blag's name. For those unfamiliar, Schlammpeitziger is a German electronic project for which one Jo Zimmermann is responsible. I read, but by no means can confirm this myself, that the name is a small alteration on a German name of a type of fish. To me, it is just long, German, and hard to pronounce, but I love that. Beyond that name however, there is the brilliantly simple music. Simple music seems to be something I am endeared toward, with the exception of overly complicated post-rock. Schlammpeitziger released three albums in, one in each 1993, 1998, and 2000. None of these would I have found out about if it wasn't for the compilation that Zimmermann made afterwards, pulling for all 3, entitled aptly Collected Simple Songs Of My Temporary Past. The completely instrumental tracks are mainly presets from a Casio with bits and pieces of samples and drum machine. I find them strangely invigorating. The futuristic sounding music is enhanced by the excelling naming of the tracks with half-German, half-space age inspired titles. An example is the self-referencig "Spaceagent Zimmermann" or track the I recieved the blag's name from "Spacerokkmountainrutsch." I hope it leaves an impression on you like it did me.

To be had here (192 kbps):
Schlammpeitziger - Collected Simple Songs Of My Temporary Past

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  1. ha ! i own this record myself dude found it in a record store's discount section a couple of years ago & bought it mostly because of the cover - really like listening to it from time to time, cool idea to post this