Thursday, May 26, 2011

Singapore Sling - The Curse Of Singapore Sling (2002) & Life Is Killing My Rock 'n' Roll (2004)

Not the freshest of bands to post, but one I've been getting into again. Singapore Sling hails from Iceland, and of course is named for the cocktail (which cutely enough was proudly available during my flights to and from Frankfurt on Singapore Airlines). For a while I figured Singapore Sling was rather common knowledge but asking about has convinced me there should be enough unfamiliar with them to merit this post. These are the first two albums by the bands, which I've spent the most time listening to and therefore feel best vouching for. The Curse Of Singapore Sling opens with what I consider their most recognizable track "Overdriver" that demonstrates their shoegaze/neo-psychedelic style pretty well. Influenced by Suicide, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and The Velvet Underground they are easily piled in with acts like BRMC and the Raveonettes (neither of which I've grown completely weary of). Nonetheless, I think they were quite good at their variety of noise pop and fill me with an infrequent sense of nostalgia, especially for something not that old really.

To be had here:

The Curse of Singapore Sling [160 kbps]

Life Is Killing My Rock 'n' Roll [192 kbps]

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