Monday, May 16, 2011

Young & Research II [Tough Love Sampler] (2011)

Not even sure if I ever posted up a label's sampler release before. Normally it isn't my thing to even listen to compilations with various artists bound by nothing more than a common record label, but I guess there are always exceptions that prove the rule. Full disclosure, this is being posted as I am out of the country and I was scrambling for ideas before left. Ran across this sampler when I was checking out CF Records and discovering the Girls Names debut. There is some overlap in the bands on CF and Tough Love, and it is just about the only place I could easily hear a track by some Northern Irish acts that I've been curious about such as Sea Pinks and Charles Hurts. Most of the tracks are a good tease, and as some of these acts are a bit difficult to find floating about it mind be worth ordering some cassettes or vinyl just to check them out.

To be had here:
Young & Research II [Tough Love Sampler]

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