Monday, October 25, 2010

Tyvek - Nothing Fits (2010)

"Nothing Fits" is Tyvek’s second full length album debuting on In The Red. I’ve been waiting for this album since the summer time and to say the least I was pleasantly surprised at the raw intense sound. Tyvek has been touring these songs for the past year or so and I’ve heard them over and over again from either the massive amounts of live cds, rehearsal/demo tapes or live shows. When I first listen to these songs I knew the material was there but what wasn’t there was the studio recordings. Besides one or two live cds most of the releases that feature songs from “Nothing Fits” are intensely lofi and aren’t that pleasant to the ears. This is the studio adaptation of the various lofi live recordings/demos and its fucking fantastic! This scuzzy fuzzy detroit garage punk is so good it’ll make you shit your pants and bleed from your ears. They really worked on the quality of sound with this one and it makes up for all those recordings that weren’t on par. This is an album you want to turn up loud;


or give it a test drive


  1. I am super jazzed about this. By the way for others, this kid knows his shit like the other fine gentleman on here. I'd download most anything he'd recommend if I were you.

  2. looking forward to this thanks. excellent album cover too!