Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blank Dogs - Land and Fixed (2010)

Yet another album from the ultra-prolific Blank Dogs. I sorta wish that danger dog posted this cuz he's far better versed in Blank Dog's discography than I am, but I enjoyed this album enough to make a stab at it myself. Of course, like previous albums from Mike Sniper the music is lo-fi post-punk done with a masterful understanding of the genre. I can't compare it too well to other albums, and for that I apologize but hopefully some readers or danger dog will leave some clarifying comments for us. All I really really know is that there is a damned good reason so much attention as been paid to Blank Dogs lately. This album did an amazing job at exciting me into action and there is something to be said for that too.

To be had here:
Blank Dogs - Land and Fixed [256 VBR kbps]


  1. i love love love this record, and was actually considering posting it as well, glad it's up here nonetheless.

    it's definitely different from most of blank dogs' prior material, which may alienate people used to the more blown-out sounding stuff like "the doorbell fire" 7 inch or "on two sides". the vocals are cleaned up, the production is shimmering, and the songs have a lot more dynamics going on in contrast to earlier stuff where once a song starts rolling it stays at pretty much the same level throughout. i think it's great and is the next logical step in the blank dogs world.

  2. I didn't meant to steal any of your thunder, my friend. I am glad you decided to share your insight though.