Sunday, October 24, 2010

Japanese Shoegaze

CLAMS - Self-Titled (2003)

"CLAMS are formed in Osaka in September, 2001. The group includes Asami Clam (vo), Hisashi Clam (g), Takayuki Clam (b), Takeshi Clam (g). 1st album "CLAMS" was released in January, 2003. Their pop sense influenced by flaming lips, Yo La Tengo and My bloody Valentine - ish noisy guitar were extolled by each media, such as radio, a magazine, and CD Shop. Their live using many images is also attractive. "
- Finderpop Label Website

Cosmicdust - Snow Noise Assemblage (2006)

One man shoegaze band from a fellow who calls himself "Y.A.F."

"in 2002 United a band to do write songs and some arrangements
that aimed to be a professional. But it quit. Then I started self-work "COSMICDUST," which is a one-man shoegaze unit. It affected by "my bloody valentine""slowdive" etc... and my song's atmosphere loves much glittering, booming, downy and sweet melody. I play guitar, vocal, computer programming, and other all instruments¥¥¥"
-Taken from the Cosmicdust Website

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  1. Cosmicdust is awesome noise ,great ambient.
    New Ep is quite great
    thank you,keep blogging