Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nodzzz - Nodzzz (2008)

So I got my shit together and I looked through all the blogs I followed and it was that wonderful blog Somatose that posted the Monster Rally albums that I enjoyed so much. At least I could save enough face by recalling I saw it somewhere... and that doesn't mean I won't use that blog as a muse for future posts. Last month Somatose posted the Woodsist compilation, Welcome Home: Diggin' the Universe. Although some of the bands featured on this album are available already on that blog and this one, yet a band that freshly caught my ear was Nodzzz. Accordingly I downloaded their album from a couple of years ago and found myself rather keen on it. The self-titled release is a lo-fi experience of cheerful songs. The tracks are rather simple, something that seem to champion themselves by titling one "Simple Song." Seems they tour or at very least play shows with Tyvek too, which would make a most excellent show.

To be had here:
Nodzzz - Nodzzz [320 kbps]


  1. just got into monster rally myself, love that so i will try this out too. thanks