Saturday, September 18, 2010

Conductive Alliance - Water Glyphs (2010)

This is one of those groups that sent me their album and I have actually gotten around to listening to. It is remarkably pleasing, but hard to describe for me. If I was forced to make a comparison I'd say it was something along the veins of Le Loup or Animal Collective, but certainly retaining their own sound. In particular I liked the vocals, which sadly are the undoing for most bands the give me their work. The singing is ethereal yet not to the point of Icelandic post-rock or anything, and as I guy who cares more about how you sing than what you're singing about it was a pleasant surprise. Seems like these kids have something worthwhile, and I should mention they're touring (look at the myspace or something). I sure bet I would have liked if I promoted that earlier this summer. Anyhow, if they came to Detroit I must have missed it in my zombifying night work, so you let me know if you see them as I am most curious.

To be had here:
Conductive Alliance - Water Glyphs [192 kbps]

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