Saturday, February 6, 2010

The King Khan and BBQ Show - Invisible Girl (2009)

More garage rock, although of another sort. While some garage rock is more punk influenced and raw, others kept the pop, blues and soul influences of earlier era closer. Flamboyancy is a prized quality in the performers of garage rock in general, and King Khan and BBQ surely have it in spades. Considerably more mellow than something like the Stripes or Ty Segall shared recently, it reminds me of something Jon Spencer would be involved in. A raunchiness akin to Pussy Galore but style closer to Heavy Trash, if you're familiar with Spencer's work. The King Khan and BBQ Show is a combination of two Montreal-based gentlemen that have has some previous experience in bands of the genre. Their experience and rhythm shines throughout. One of the better features is the amazing crooning on tracks like "I'll Be Loving You" and "Tryin" that leave me memorized. However, as with all garage rock it is something that enters one's listening orbit only to exit in due time, but like comets and planets it returns regularly.

To be had here:
The King Khan and BBQ Show - Invisible Girl [192 VBR kbps]

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  1. Re-uploaded as of June 22, 2010. Sorry if you tried and got nothing before that.