Friday, February 19, 2010

Foxes in Fiction - Swung from The Branches (2010)

Hey guys, I wanna thank Antarktikos for for letting me onboard with this blog and for his praise for my posts so far. I've really been enjoying sharing stuff that I like with all you, and I hope you guys have too. I hope still doing alright after your accident.

I was initially kind of hesitant to post this here due my self-conscious thoughts and fear of coming off as _____, but then I realized that I feel that way about everything in life, and if anyone's going to represent something I've created and put my heart into it may as well be me. I feel like this fits into the flow of a lot of music that's been posted here up until this point. Perhaps?

Taken from my blog:

"The whole thing was recorded for a kind of cassette A Side / B Side format so there is a pretty obvious division in style between the two. The first flows kind of as one long dreamlike hallucination song that segways pretty easily into each track, and is meant to inspire some pretty specific moods, while the second side more lucid pop songs. A big inspiration in making a lot of these songs was short-tracked hip hop albums like J Dillas' 'Donuts'. I don't know how obvious this is. It wasn't even really supposed to have an 'album' feel but it just sort of turned out that way, even two albums?, though I'm hoping it kind of has something for everyone.

Most of these songs are tracks that arose from restlessness, breaks between classes, insomnia and 5 AM isolation while in my in my apartment in Toronto. A couple of them are reworkings of old tracks that...I felt would be fitting on this release."

The music itself starts off largely ambient on Side A, and moves into a kind of nervous electronic-based collection of pop songs on Side B. A lot of the songs come from a pretty personal place and deal with a lot of things having gone through my life in the past 2 years, namely melancholia, panic attacks, and the death of my little brother in April of 2008 and the emotional reactions that followed this event. Oddly enough, in the song "8 / 29/ 91", the sample of Charles Bukowski that I used is begun with him reading a date:"8, 28, 91", the exact date of my brothers birth. I did not realize this until two months after I used it in the song.

I hope you guys like it, feel free to leave feedback.

DOWNLOAD: Foxes in Fiction - Swung from The Branches

P.S. I made a video for one of the songs as project at in one of my first year OCAD projects, if you want to taste test: Jimi Bleachball


  1. I dig your blog, i'll be visiting more often. this is a pretty tight album, very laid back.

  2. I like what I hear on this album. I especially enjoyed the second half, with the tracks "Snow Angels" and "Memory Pools" standing out foremost in my mind. I look forwards to additional material being released.

  3. actually found this album posted on another blog.
    good job, man.

  4. I absolutely love the 8, 28, 91"song. Superb effects with the music and voice.