Saturday, September 19, 2015

Panthatone - Stay Easy (2015)

Jumping into these submissions seems daunting considering how long it's piled up. Nevertheless, one must make a stab it it somewhere. So why not the familiar territory provided by a lo-fi two-piece?

Panthatone are from Chicago and they make the loud, rhythmic style of rock and roll that's become synonymous with Midwestern garage rockers. While there's naturally a wide swath of variation even within this smaller definition, I believe the seasoned listen of lo-fi rock will understand what I'm angling at. The charm lies in the subtle reinvention of the form, just like eating the best plate of pasta you've had in months contains 90% the same ingredients as all other pastas you've had. In this paradigm Panthatone is a wildly successful. I can't summon a band they seems to sound exactly like but they are incredibly familiar and readily accessible for fans for garage or fuzzy rock. Guitar and drums, played quickly and with very flashy, catchy beats and riffs. I'll no sooner tire of hearing music of this sort than I will of drinking a good beer or sitting on a comfortable chair and I hope the keep the songs coming.

To be had here:
Panthatone - Stay Easy

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