Monday, August 17, 2015

The Black Waves - Thousands of Visions (2013)

Took a snooze on the blog for a bit there. Got burnt out writing too often; it was all blurring together. The unbearable heat has been keeping me out of my house as well. Hard to listen to as much new music if I'm not forcing myself to be all cooped up in my apartment reading books and playing albums. Been made to hide from the humidity and sunshine in bars, friends' houses, and even working extra long hours. Yet tonight I'm feeling guilty as the submissions roll on in and I need some lo-fi for my mental health.

Although it isn't a brand new album, Thousands of Visions, is worth doubling back for. I've always felt that lo-fi rock is a rather universal medium, it is after all what young musicians are capable of producing with the most minimal of technology in most any place. Nevertheless, like many forms of artistic expression, the French excel at lo-fi rock. Now, admittedly this band isn't particularly French sounding, as they sing in English, with an accent that somehow combines the UK and northeastern America. What is very French they know what the fuck they're on about. The Black Waves have an incredible grasp of psychedelic rock and shoegaze. Wall of sound, organs, cymbals just pounding away as necessary and a singer that could've fronted for any righteous garage rock outfit from the 60s (the Monks and 13th Floor Elevators come to mind). My recommendation is that you find a few good beers and try them out and you enjoy this album with some nice headphones. Rattle your brain around a bit.

To be had here:
The Black Waves - Thousands of Visions

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