Friday, August 7, 2015

Soft Cure - SAD (2015)

The man behind Soft Cure, the Albertan called Seth Cardinal, is known to me to way of his no wave project preformed with his younger, female family members, the Basement Demons. His songs under the moniker of Soft Cure did show up in a Grab Bag that Elvis wrote, but this is really my first exposure to it. Nonetheless it sound markedly familiar. Perhaps this is a byproduct of listening to so much quirky lo-fi pop music over the years, or rather, as I prefer to think, it is because the songs themselves are conveying a cozy, homespun and purposefully nostalgic feeling.

The artist didn't tell me why he named this album SAD, but I already have my own theories as to why. Nostalgia is an innately sad concept, a vague and ephemeral emotion. It seems like it should be a product of longing over the past, but it doesn't need to be. The songs Soft Cure has made here are good evidence of that, for despite having never heard them before they still invoked a powerfully retrospective stance to form in my mind. Technically the songs are quite simple instrumental tunes. They're fuzzy, echoey and even charmingly upbeat most of the time, but the secret to the appeal is the very bedroom pop nature of a young man holed up with a set of instruments and a computer to make something tingly and cute to share with us all. I truly enjoyed every moment of SAD.

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Soft Cure - SAD

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