Monday, October 7, 2013

Piano Piano – When I was not in myself, no one alarmed me (2013)

I once had to dispose of a body. It was far more difficult than they make it look on television. Other than the weight of the body, the amount of stuff that flows out of a corpse really makes a clean desecration a difficult task. As the crime I was committing was intended to remain secret, I definitely was not rocking any tunes while getting rid of this little problem either. Now that I think of it, this was 1896, so no portable, recorded music existed to begin with. Damn.

But if I did have a soundtrack, Seattle’s Piano Piano would have made a fine one. Highly technical, intricate math rock that builds to those beautiful crescendos that best reflect the moment your ax bludgeons another stoolie individual. This 4 track EP has some strong tracks, but the last track titled “Harmonics” is a standout for all potential cult leaders and serial murders… and I guess you could enjoy it if you did not fall into either of those categories.

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