Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Glaze of Cathexis – Prophecies of the All Seeing Sage (2013)

I feel a bit bad for all those folks who flock to Roswell hoping to study mankind’s possible first contact with Alien life. Little do they know that aliens have been visiting our planet for some time. No, they didn’t build the pyramids and start the evolutionary process. Don’t be ridiculous! They did come to fuck hot broads, drink, and make out-of-this world tunes. Danton, Franklin, Sun-Ra, and a short little extraterrestrial living in Japan called Glaze of Cathexis. I saw him at the recent Conference for Alien Existence in Las Vegas. Nice event by the way, but the drinks were far too expensive.

Glaze of Cathexis comes from a long tradition of alien life creating and fucking with human musical stylings to make something truly otherworldly. This is the kind of stuff kids in the 1960s were really into while smoking a shit load of pot and taking acid. Nothing tongue and cheek about this band’s delivery; they are believers. I was told not to take acid at work, but this record just can’t help a little trip. I may even play “Silver Ganges and Mecca” as I wait for my own trip to Norgel 5.

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